build day 3

I’m a few days behind! Our power was out for two nights then our WiFi has been out since my last post until today. It’s amazing how dependent we’ve become with our devices and technology… and I don’t feel like I’m as connected as some folks. But 4 days without WiFi sure provides a different perspective.

build day 3

Wednesday was a busy and very productive day. I was working at Brenda’s site again and we worked on more concrete blocks and mortar, sawing rebar, staining wood ceiling beams, and pouring concrete for the latrine. For the mortar yesterday, we added stones for more stability to use in lintel frames. I picked up a shovel each time and got in there. By the end of the day, I could really feel the muscles in my shoulder blades aching… but in a good way! I got to work directly with both of the trades guys, Enock and Amion, on the lintels for the doors and windows. We poured mortar down the sides of the door frames and used boards as concrete forms to pour it across the top of the doors and windows. I got the hang of it and Enock told me to do one on my own! The coolest part for me was Amion telling me “bweeno kwambiri” (I’m sure that’s not spelled correctly!). That is Nyanja for “very good”! While the official language of Zambia is now English, there are over 70 dialects that are spoken through the country. Nyanja is the language spoken in the Linda community where we are building. I’m picking up some phrases as we go and they get a kick out of it. And sometimes laugh at me! I also sawed rebar and Amion amazed us when he used a tree trunk as a vice to straighten the rebar. It is so ingenious what how different objects get turned into tools (like the playing card I used as a putty knife in Cambodia)!


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