build day 4

I finally got a full night’s sleep Wednesday night!!! And no migraine Thursday at all! My adjustment to jet lag has taken a lot longer than usual. Normally when I travel, I have no trouble sleeping when my head hits the pillow. It’s SO unlike my sleeping pattern at home. While the lodge we are staying in is lovely and clean, and the staff are so accommodating… the walls are paper thin and noise travels easily. It wasn’t until last night that I thought of popping in some earplugs. Et voila!

I switched build sites today and worked on Gertrude and Moffat’s house. Our team worked on concrete blocks and mortar, trimming the mortar joins, and staining the ceiling beams. I was on concrete block and mortar duty all day! Felix, the tradesman on this site, had me up on the high scaffold working on the blocks that ramp up for the roof so it can be slanted. The blocks were made ahead of when we arrived but sometimes a full size block is too big and we have to resize it. That’s done with a hammer by chipping away at the block (and hopefully not breaking it). Where an area is too small for a block, then we used mortar to fill it. It was like I was icing a cake! I just spread the mortar with a trowel so it was level, then flush with the blocks below. Folks who know my lack of affinity to the kitchen would be very impressed with my “baking” skills.

We are fortunate to get to interact with a lot of people in the community. Some folks have passed by and asked with what are we helping; some will stop for a quick conversation; some will ask for some of our water or food. For lunch each day, we’ve gone to the Linda Open Community School, an elementary school with 1,500 students from grades 1 to 9. As soon as we get off the bus, the children in the school yard come running toward us. The students, and the other children in the community we are working in, are filled with curiosity and excitement! Some of us have brought toys to share with the kids when we are on-site, like a soccer ball or a skipping rope. We have to take them away at the end of the day but we can leave them with Habitat Zambia to arrange distribution when we’re gone. The kids go absolutely crazy when we bring out anything to play with. And the younger kids that come to play are really sweet and adorable!

I did not take many photos today. I have included a couple of photos of Tammy, our team lead, meeting some neighbourhood women at the end of the day. And check out the two videos of some of the kids we’ve met (video one and video two).


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