Wildlife Camp – South Luangwa

It’s Sunday and I’ve just arrived at Wildlife Camp just across the river from South Luangwa National Park. There is only wifi in the common dining area so it looks like I’ll be offline a lot this week. I’m just eating lunch in the dining room and a little head peeked up from under the table across from me. A monkey had snuck over without me noticing. I tried to scare her away but like our raccoons, it doesn’t appear the monkeys are afraid of humans when there is food involved. Before I knew it, she hopped up on the table, grabbed my roll, and ran up a tree!!! Very, very stealth!

I’m scheduled for a night safari tonight! Will try to post as soon as I can but honestly, I’m looking forward to being offline! May just get caught up on Thursday night when I’m back in Lusaka before the long flight home! Zikomo!


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