not for the faint of heart

So… this week was a complete bust! But only for keeping up with my blog! Everything else this week has far surpassed what I could have imagined experiencing “on safari”! This has been the most uniquely saturated and surreal experience and I will not do it justice by writing about it quickly. Wifi was very unreliable this week and although I’ve taken some notes, the photos tell the best story. I was extremely sad to leave Mfuwe today and Wildlife Camp where I’ve stayed the past 5 days. The staff at Wildlife Camp are absolutely lovely! From Jacqueline and Alice in the front office, to Saleem and Mufuse in the dining room, to Ryver, Dingi, and Joseph, our guides this week. Everyone was extremely friendly and warm and I received some big hugs when I left today. I also met some really interesting folks who were also travelling and hope to keep in touch with them. It’s amazing how quickly you can connect with people when you’re sharing these unique moments.

I’m back in Lusaka for the night and tomorrow afternoon I will start the journey home. I hope to spend time adding more detail and photos about this past week once I’m back in Toronto. But for now, here are just a very few of the incredible moments I experienced! (WARNING: Some graphic photos!)


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